Medium Pressure ball check valve with "cone & thread" connection.

Pressure: 21.000psi (1500 bar)
Material: Valvebody, seat, cone, spring, ball, collar and gland 1.4404 / AISI316L

To prevent reverse flow, and where a tight shut off is not mandatory, EV Metal’s ball check valves are most suitable. Our ball check valves are designed with a floating ball, and a cradled seat. The design gives a full flow around the ball, and it minimizes the pressure fall.

Standard tubing glands and collars are provided unless otherwise specified.

* 901021-62 1/4: opening pressure = 0,7 barg (10,15psi) and Kv = 0,30 (Cv = 0,35)

* 901021-62 9/16: opening pressure = 0,9 barg (13,05 psi) and Kv = 0,9 (Cv = 1,04)