Check valves

EV check valves are available in brass and stainless steel in several models. All of our check valves can be combined with our other programmes e.g. the pipe thread, compression fittings or flare fittings.

EV check valves can be used in installations with air and fluids. Furthermore, they are manufactured with possibilities for alternative opening pressures.

As standard, the check valves are delivered with a nitril (NBR) o-ring, which is designed for a return pressure up to 40 bar and a max. temperature up to 80° C.

Valves with special o-rings are supplied with identification labels.

The check valves can also be delivered with an o-ring in other qualities.

Important notice:
•                         Do not install the check valves in areas with high turbulent flow, such as right after bends and reductions.
•                         Make sure the fluid is clean, foreign particles might block the function of the valve.
•                         Avoid pressure shocks and service with pressure close to the opening pressure of the check valve.