OEM products

As sub-supplier to 50 different sectors of the mechanical engineering industry and more than 40 years experience, we offer our broad technical know-how and our sophisticated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for a variety of different specialized assignments.
We are happy to offer our expertise and our cooperation right from the first strokes are made on the drawing board to the finished item. Whether we are starting based on your sketch, a specification or a sample, we will be able to design, develop, produce and test the product in order to achieve the desired functionality and unique features that your product requires.

We also have the opportunity to be a part of the cooperation on optimization of your existing products.

To ensure optimum production volumes, competitive prices and supply of OEM products we can offer you storage and management of call contracts for up to 12 months without additional costs.

No job is too small and no job is too big.

Material types

· Brass
· Stainless steel
· Acid-resistant steel
· Hardenable steel types
· Duplex / Super Duplex
· Titanium
· Aluminium
· Aluminiumsbronze

Raw materials are purchased solely from well-respected suppliers with appropriate certification.


Stainless steel


Surface treatment