Pipe thread

Pipe thread fittings are supplied as a versatile system of nipples, connectors, tees, unions and banjos etc., which allow combinations with all our other fitting systems.

Pipe thread fittings are manufactured according to the standards DS 3003 leg. 5170, DIN 17660 leg. CuZn39Pb3, NS 16130, SS 5170, BS 2874 leg. Cz121.

The small measures and the different kinds of threads make pipe thread fittings very useful as supplement to many other series.

The pipe thread fittings are manufactured with many different types of thread.

Pressure and temperature:
The pipe thread fittings endure a working pressure up to 135 bar dependent on the dimension.

Furthermore, the series is suitable for temperatures from ÷ 50° C up to + 120° C.

SCIP No. 9e97d1e4-3684-4ecc-af6c-bbf48be89754 applies to all products in this serie.