Services & Quality

We never compromise on quality

· We "walk the talk" and think customer satisfaction in every situation.
· Ensure smooth and efficient processing of all customer inquiries.
· We have experience with the demands of international customers as their preferred suppliers.

· Possibility of emergency supplies.
· Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.
· Possibility of material- and pressure test certificates.
· Possibility of measuring reports.
· Products are avaiable with traceability and CE marking.

· EV's output control is often = our customers input control.
· To deliver unique products in accordance with our own requirements or customer specifications.
· The quality policy is established and continuously improved based on customer needs.
· Only carefully selected and qualified suppliers are used.


Bending & Soldering

We manufacture various types of products.
Bending and soldering have been and are continued part of our in-house capabilities.

This gives us the flexibility to obtain the control of complexed processes, products and services towards our customers.

Frame Agreement

EV Metalværk can offer you different and customized frame-agreement, in order to keep the highest on time delivery performance and ensure optimal flow towards your facility.

Kan-Ban Systems

We do have different service levels with our customers.
Below you can see example of our stock for Call-orders for the frame agreements.

Besides we also do Kan-Ban systems in order to manage, obtain and respect the delivery time and performances towards our customers.

If you may have any queries for how we can support you, please feel free to contact us hereon.

Laser Engraving

We do laser engraving in all different shapes and sizes on most materials, where applicable and by customer request.
This enhances our documentation level and accuracy of traceability from both our products and processes towards our customers and the applied rules and regulations.

Surface Treatments & Finish

We have extremely high requirements when it comes to appearance and finish. Thus, we are experienced in handling all kind of surface treatments, as well as heat treatment, quenching and grinding.


EV Metalværk offers workpiece traceability (3.1 certificate, NORSOK, NACE or NDT reports).
Below can find more about of our different degrees of traceability.
Attached file: EVM_Traceability (223 kB)

Washing & Pickling System

All products manufactured from EV Metalværk A/S follow strictly our own wash and dry-cleaning standard processes, ensuring no particles or contamination of cooling fluids etc., prior going through our final quality control, before packing and dispacth to our customers.
This is to ensure the high quality finish of our products ready for usage by our customers premises.