Our slogan is: Customer First!
EV Metalværk (known as EV Metal) was founded in 1932 and the business profile has developed a lot since then. Established in the machine building industry and in the automotive industry and later in the 1960´s beginning the manufacturing of quality industrial valves and fittings, EV Metal is today a respected supplier of precision machined parts, fittings, and valve solutions for multiple industrial sectors.
EV Metal is at the same time a service company and an engineering company with production of valves and fittings 24/7. Our in-house R&D center today designs and manufactures bespoke valve solutions to customer requirements in collaboration with international well-known clients and brands from all over the world.
Our clients get valve solutions that they cannot get elsewhere in the world. We have the knowledge and the ideas, the company setup, and the flexibility of designing and manufacturing valves, manifolds, and valve systems. We are more effective, smarter and above all faster than the well-known international market brands.

Our daily performance goals are:

* We are doing business with people
* Delivery as agreed
* Quality in products
* Good and quick communication with our clients
Thomas B. Thomsen
Business development/
Chairman of the Board

From left: Mr. Thomas B. Thomsen, Mr. Klaus Agger, Mr. Erling Tofting.
We love happy clients!

Did you know that EV Metalværk is a manufacturer of the following products as well as in the business of designing and developing of the following:
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