HYDRO-BALL® valve-solutions for Dairy applications

The HYDRO-BALL® product line of ball valves from EV Metalværk is well known by the proven technology, quality and stability, this product line is appreciated from the various industries and our customers for many years.

Significantly for the Dairy industry, where the highest level of product quality, in terms of, tests, traceability and documentation are required.

Our HYDRO-BALL® series for the Dairy industry are complied with FDA and EU regulations for the Food  Contact  Materials (FCM) i.e. EC 1935/2004.

The valves can be supplied both as manual and with pneumatic actuactors as control, and materials also both as standard and customized.

For special requirements or customized solution, please contact us for further details/dialog.

HYDRO-BALL® ball valve with pneaumatic actuator and switchbox