EV Metals new product line of metering needle valves for multiple applications.
For all valves apply a high linearity and characteristic.

Our valves are available as straight and angle types and are manually operated as standard, but can easily be equipped and supplied with either a pneumatic or electrical actuator.

Our valves are as standard with threaded inlet and outlet ports in the dimension ¼” female NPT, but other connections can be supplied up on request.

Our valves are intended as regulating/metering valves in systems with high pressure fluids. Valves with a very little flowrate are by purpose not designed to entirely shut off the flow. They will always stay a little bit open. The reason is that a completely shut off will damage the thin needle.

Designed to operate in corrosive environments, with valve body in high alloy austenitic stainless steel type 6Mo (1.4547).

Other dimensions and materials available on request.

The valves can be panel mounted or mounted using the mounting holes in the valve body.  The valves can be mounted in any direction.

(*) Flow range measured at 3 bar pressure drop with water at 20°C.