Pilot Trip Valve

EV Metals new product line of Pilot Trip valves for fire-protection (prevention) systems for offshore oil & gas applications.

Valve type: Manually operated needle valve.
Pilot Trip Valve
The purpose of the Pilot Trip Valve (PTV) is to isolate the pneumatic control components from the regulating supply components of an actuated process or emergency valve (Fire-fighting, shut down, etc.) system thereby reducing the number and complexity of the pneumatic supply systems. This is particularly evident in the case of multiple valve systems with individual pneumatic supplies.
The PTV was developed to provide positive isolation of supply and pilot systems and eliminate the possibility of inadvertent reset. Additional advantages are the elimination of the need for mechanical latching solenoid valves and the simplification of the air line arrangement (two-way instead of three-way valves), and accelerated release of the main fire protection valve.

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Pilot Trip Valves for Fire-protection (Prevention) - EV Metal A/S

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