Near the North Sea in Ringkøbings beautiful surroundings you will find EV Metalværk a/s - an ultra modern manufacturer. We produce a very wide programme of fittings and valves for industrial use, and we manufacture OEM products for more than 50 different sectors.
Our modern production facilities, highly educated and dedicated employees and more than 40 years of experience make EV Metalværk a/s a valuable sub-supplier of turned and milled parts for various sectors, and it makes us a leading co-operator in development and production of OEM products.
A very thourough quality control and a certified quality system ensure that EV Metalværk a/s always supply the best quality at the right time.

We want to be your co-operator, when you need unique and demanding solutions.


· Founded in 1932 in Copenhagen
· The factory moved to Ringkøbing during the 1970's
· The factory has continiously been modernized and has today a production area of more than 3000 m²
· Bought in 1991 BJØRCA (Vordingborg valves)
· Took over production and sale of HydroBall® valves from Danfoss in 2001
· ISO 9001:2015 certified
· 37 employees


A/S Electrovask was founded in Copenhagen in 1932. The company made door fittings and washers, and later on car spare parts for GM and Ford’s assembly plants in Denmark. In 1945, the room on Bernhard Bangs Allé became too incommodious and the company moved to Vanløse. In the mid 1950’s the company changed name to EV-Dele, and the line of production expanded to include fittings.
When EV-Dele in the 1970’s moved production to their affiliated company in Ringkøbing, the company established a foundry. EV-Dele merged with the affiliated company Ringkøbing Metalværk in 1980 and was given the new name, EV Metalværk A/S.
EV Metalværk A/S took over BJØRCA (Vordingborg-valves) in 1991 and integrated BJØRCA’s product range as a standard product range into the existing range.
EV Metalværk A/S’s valve programme was expanded further with the purchase of the Hydro-Ball® valve series in 2001from the Danfoss Group.