EV Metalværk ("EV Metal" among clients and employees)

Established in 1932 EV Metal is a manufacturer of industrial fittings and valves. The company boats sales, engineering, production and assembly in the headquartes in Ringkøbing, Denmark. EV Metals clients are found among internationally known brands as well as smaller companies in Europe and around the World.  EV Metal has distributers in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi and a sales office in Denmark and in Germany.

The center of the company is a highly specialized cnc machine shop which produces fittings and valves with the highest efficiency. That also means that EV Metal produces 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  The engineering department has more than 50 years of experience and has become internationally well-known for developing and designing custom designed valves and valve systems. Customers worldwide contact EV Metal in order to get the service and quality products that they cannot find elsewhere. EV Metal services more than 400 customers in 70 different industrial sectors worldwide.  EV Metal has specialized in manufacturing standard fittings and valves as well as special designed valves for a great number of industries. Our 40 highly educated employees makes EV Metal the perfect supplier of valves, fittings and precision machined parts.
A good sense for quality followed up by a certified ISO9001:2015 quality system ensures that EV Metal always supplies the agreed quality at the expected time.


We want to be the preferred partner for development and manufacturing of valves and fittings. We want to be the first choice when unique and demanding solutions must be found.


We want to be known for being the insightful, quality oriented, committed and modern service company that creates the necessary competitive advantage for its partners and who lives up to the values of professionalism, cooperation and respect.