Chemical Injection Valve Manifold:
This 3-way manifold for wellhead chemical injection is a manually operated double block and bleed needle valve.

Design pressure: 10.000Psi

(Anti-crevice-corrosion design) - ACCD

This valve manifold is protected against crevice corrosion by our patented anti-crevice-corrosion design specially developed for off shore environments with high chloride contents.

Anti-galvanic-corrosion-design - AGCD
The problem of galvanic corrosion due to electrical contact between the platform wellhead X-tree (usually made of carbon steel added with instrumentation lines in exotic materials) – will be eliminated by this valve manifold as the outlet flange is electrically isolated from the valve body by a unique design.

What is the manifold used for?
The manifold is mounted on the wellhead X-tree for chemical injection purpose. It works as a shut-off valve for fluids in fluid group 1 and 2, according to the pressure directive (2014/68/EU), in high pressure systems.

Valve ends:
The manifold comes as standard in 3 variations with different inlet and outlet ports. (Special inlets and outlets can be ordered upon request)

Material: 254SMo(6Mo) + carbon steel (outlet flange)
(Other materials upon request)

Approvals & Documentation:
Hydrostatic test
PMI, painting report
3.1 material certificate