Instrument valves

EV METALVÆRK A/S Mono Block Instrument Valves (Patent Pending No. 2015 70100).
The EV METAL.DK program of Mono Block Instrument Valves (MBIV) or “Slim Line Block and bleed valves” offers a compact lightweight instrument double block and bleed function. These compact models have the lowest possible number of leak potentials from a process connection as it involves one joint only – the pipeline flange to the valve body. The mono block instrument manifolds can be mounted directly onto vertical or horizontal flanged connections, allowing a gauge to be kept in an upright position.
Suitable for both primary isolation (double block and bleed) and instrument (block and bleed) duties, Mono block provides isolation, venting and instrument mounting in a single compact unit.
Flanged connections are available on inlet or inlet and outlet in a choice of sizes and ratings to suit each particular application.

The advantages of the EV METAL.DK design are:
•Fire-safe design by full open.
•Non rotating stem.
•Antistatic design acc. to EN 12266-2.
•Low operating torque.
•Salt spray resistant acc. to ISO 9227-wet and dry test.
•Metal to metal seal.
•Full material traceability.
•Lower weight that minimizes vibrations in installation.
•Less space/height needed for installation.
The possibilities of these valves are:
•Pressure gauge installations
•Temperature measurement installations
•Manometer device installations

The EV METAL.DK mono block instrument valves are available from class 150Lbs up till class 2500Lbs

Materials available:
AISI316L (W#1.4404),
Super Duplex (SAF2507),
254 SMO

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