Tank alarm.

1094 is delivered with a long whistle.

Body: plated aluminium AlMgSi0,5
Whistle: Brass DIN 17660 CuZn37
Gasket: Nitril
Thread: Pipe thread R DS/ISO 7/1
Pipe thread G DS/ISO 228/1

The tank alarm is mounted at the ventilation hole in the oil tank with the tank pipe downward into the oil tank. When the filling of the oil starts, the tank alarm whistles. This whistle sound will change when the oil reaches the pipe and it will stop when the oil reaches the hole in the side. The cross bar inside the house prevents the oil from reaching to far up into the alarm.
SCIP No. 2897feaf-c1bf-4928-a389-1f9d5a866c49 applies to all products in this series.