Hose tails

Our wide program of hose barb adaptors is manufactured in brass - unless otherwise stated - according to the standards DS 303 leg. 5170, DIN 17660 leg. CuZn39Pb3.

The hose barb adaptors are designed to many different types of thread and purposes.

On the following pages the various possibillities of assembling and connection are described.

As standard the hose barb adaptors are delivered without any surface treatment except from a few numbers, which are stored only with a surface treatment. This is specified by the article numbers.

For further information abut surface treatment, thead, nuts etc. we refer to the article numbers.

Pressure and temperature:
The hose barb adaptors can endure a working pressure up to 135 bar and temperatures from ÷ 50° C up to + 120° C.

SCIP No. 9e97d1e4-3684-4ecc-af6c-bbf48be89754 applies to all products in this serie.