Hydro Ball valves series 63 (steel)

The check valve in the Hydro-Ball range is in standard design and has also housing in galvanized, passivized steel and a cone in stainless steel.

The check valve can be supplied with four different gasket types.
The connection has an inside pipe thread.

These valves are as standard delivered with set pressure at 0,5 bar

These valves are designed and approved in accordance with the requirements of Directive No. 97/23/EC.

These valves can be supllied with the following types of packing:

• Perbunan N (nitrile)
• PTFE teflon
• PVMQ silicone

Technical data

Important notice:
•                         Do not install the check valves in areas with high turbulent flow, such as right after bends and reductions.
•                         Make sure the fluid is clean, foreign particles might block the function of the valve.
•                         Avoid pressure shocks and service with pressure close to the opening pressure of the check valve.