Inspections & Tests

3rd Party Inspection

EV Metalværk has deep knowledge with our customers high demands of traceability on our products and documentation for our processes and tests fulfilling the legal industrial standards. Thus we are always prepared for a qualified 3rd party inspection at our facility.

The typical inspection is normally carried out by customer´s own inspector(s) or EV Metal authorized personnel or together with a representative from a 3rd party, often Notified Body i.e. BV, DNVGL, Force Technology etc..!

Hard- and re-stamping from 3rd party inspector.

FAT Tests (Factory Acceptance Test)

EV Metalværk also carry out FATs for/together with our customers.

Hardness Tests

EV Metalværk offers our customers the possibilities of doing hardness test, on most of our products where applicable,  at our premises in accordance to the typical standards i.e. Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell etc.

Please check with us for which type/standard is applied for your application.