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In a world where everyone wants to cut emissions to help the climate and comply with the latest regulations, hydrogen mobility gives a promising look into the future in which hydrogen gas can create electricity in a fuel cell to power an electric motor in a hydrogen car, in a hydrogen bus, in a hydrogen truck or in a hydrogen train whilst delivering zero emission to the climate. It is a promising technology and a market that is moving quickly. From a component standpoint, since 2007 EV Metalværk has had the strategy of designing and manufacturing the best components for the hydrogen business where high pressure components are needed, i.e. hydrogen refueling stations.

In 2007, EV Metalværk A/S began designing and manufacturing the first products in our medium pressure program. The medium pressure program is designed for 21.500 Psi and fluid applications. This line of fittings and valves was specially designed for hydrogen mobility applications, and today the program boats medium pressure needle valves, medium pressure check valves, medium pressure pneumatic actuated needle valves, medium pressure fittings, medium pressure adaptors for industrial hydrogen applications. Our knowledge about designing valves and fitting systems has led to a still growing demand from our customers for custom made (OEM) hydrogen components, hydrogen manifold and block solutions as to customer specifications. Please contact us if you would like us to create a solution for you company.

Hydrogen manifold solutions and hydrogen block solutions for hydrogen applications.

Over the last 12 years the hydrogen mobility sector has grown into the largest market sector for EV Metalværk A/S and the technology is still in an early stage. At EV Metalværk A/S, we have learned from another large business sector – the international offshore oil and gas sector - the importance of highly specialized and cost-effective manifolds and block solutions that incorporates various valves and fittings in one unit where connections points are limited. This means a smaller footprint and less leak points.

Resistance against leaks and vibrations

As is the case with any fluid systems, resistance against any potential leaks is vital and critical for the performance of hydrogen mobility applications. The important factor is resistance against vibration, which of course happens constantly in a system with high pressure components.
EV Metalværk hydrogen valves and hydrogen fittings consist of a compact cone-and-threaded connection made with the highest precision. With hydrogen being able to escape through the narrowest spaces, the smallest leaks can cause a major issue and down-time. This makes high-quality hydrogen valves and hydrogen fittings essential one of the most important components in any hydrogen application, and with the 9000-series by EV Metalværk you are guaranteed the tightness and performance you seek.
EV Metalværk hydrogen valves and hydrogen fittings are 100% leak-tested before they leave the factory. Our constant look for smarter solutions and more cost-effective designs and our lessons learned from stress tests and life-cycle tests has given us world leading knowledge about hydrogen products and hydrogen components that gives us the role as one of the most trusted manufactures and suppliers in the hydrogen mobility application industry. EV Metalværk is also very proud to be the supplier to one of the largest hydrogen mobility companies in the world.

Customized hydrogen valves, customized hydrogen fittings and other customized OEM solutions.

Our customers live in an ever-changing world where demands are constantly changing. The demand for any system is to have a smaller and smaller footprint. That is the reason why we have great success in designing components as to customer specifications. EV Metalværk can supply our Medium Pressure Fittings and Valves to customer specifications even if the customer has specific and alternative demands or ideas.
At EV Metalværk, we have 40 years of experience developing and designing customized valves and fitting solutions that meets the exact demands of your project and no matter the quantity you need.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of a compact and cost- effective solution with less connections/leak points.

Double block and bleed valve for Hydrogen
Large bore globe valve in the main flow means low pressure drop at high flow.
•3/8’’ needle valve as bleed function.
•1’’ and ¾’’ MP sockets